Best Rapid Transfer Casinos by Minimum Deposit

The purpose of this page is to list the best online casinos in Ireland that allow you to make the smallest minimum deposits with Rapid Transfer. Because the payment option is rarely found at low minimum deposit casinos, we currently only have two sites to recommend, which are Vavada and GGBET. At these casino sites, you can deposit a minimum of €1 and €3 with Rapid Transfer.

100 no deposit spins
+ 100% up to €1,000 on first deposit
Minimum Deposit
To Play: €1
For Bonus: €0
100% bonus up to
+ 75 free spins
Minimum Deposit
To Play: €3
For Bonus: €7

What Is Rapid Transfer?

Rapid Transfer is an instant bank transfer. The payment method allows you to instantaneously deposit money to a low minimum deposit casino without sharing any sensitive details. It’s a similar payment method to Trustly.

The way it works is simple. After selecting Rapid Transfer at the casino and confirming the amount to deposit, you are redirected to a payment gateway that is powered by Skrill. Here, you enter your full name and e-mail, which is followed by selecting your bank.

You then enter your IBAN and verify the transaction through the verification system that your bank is using. In other words, most likely through a bank application that you have on your phone.

While the payment method is highly secure, our experience and research tell us that Rapid Transfer is very rare to find at minimum deposit casinos in Ireland. It’s almost never supported.

What Is the Minimum Deposit With Rapid Transfer?

The minimum deposit that can be made at casino sites is €1, which also holds true for Rapid Transfer. However, there are only a very few casino sites with a low minimum deposit that actually support such a low limit. Among them, the only one we know of that does it with Rapid Transfer is Vavada. A much more common minimum limit is €10.

What Is the Minimum Withdrawal With Rapid Transfer?

The vast majority of online casinos with a low minimum deposit have a minimum withdrawal limit of €10 with all of their payment methods. This is also true for Rapid Transfer. Even if Vavada and GGBET allow you to deposit a minimum of €1 and €3 using Rapid Transfer, you cannot use the method to withdraw a smaller amount than €10.