Siobhan Aslett On Why It’s Time for Whales to Go and the Small-but-Many to Rise

Siobhan Aslett

With over 8 years as an online gambling editor, Siobhan Aslett has seen it all!

She knows the staggering amounts people gamble away, hoping for big wins and how most online casinos and sportsbooks profit.

But she believes change is overdue—for the better.

It's time for online casinos to shift focus from high-rolling whales to the small-but-many gamblers dropping a couple of cents here and there.

And she has compelling reasons why.

Let's hear from Siobhan Aslett, a sports betting industry specialist, as she explains why it's time to kiss the gambling whales goodbye.

Q: Who Is a Gambling Whale?  

Siobhan Aslett: This is probably the number one question people ask me about this topic!

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about the animals here (chuckles). Whales are a specific type of gambler—someone who consistently bets large amounts of money.

Did you know casinos make the most money from these whales? Even a small casino can thrive with just a few of them.

They care little about the puny cash that low-rollers bring in. They want big bucks from those spending and losing hundreds or thousands of euros a week.

A single whale’s losses can potentially cover several employee’s salaries, which is pretty good!

That should make casino whales a good thing, right?

Well, yes and no.

It’s good for the casino—they want the money.

But it’s not so good for smaller gamblers who might only spend €20 or €30 a week, maybe a bit more if they're feeling lucky.

I argue this because these gamblers are most of us.

Q: Why Do the Whales Need to Go?

Siobhan Aslett: Love it or hate it, casinos are designed to squeeze as much money out of players as possible. They are practically built for whales!

Take a look at casino bonuses, for instance.

To get the ‘maximum' bonus, you often need to deposit hundreds of euros in a single deposit—far beyond what most players would consider,

But this is ideal for whales.

Loyalty schemes also favour big spenders, leaving many players feeling shortchanged despite being the majority.

This is sad. Every gambler deserves to get value from their chosen platform.

And don’t even get me started on minimum deposits!

Many casinos set higher limits, encouraging larger deposits—a reason some casinos exclude certain payment methods from bonuses.

This approach risks pushing players to gamble more than they should. It benefits nobody. At that point, gambling goes beyond being just ‘fun’.

Games are no different.

The ones with decently sized minimum stakes can make the average gambler blow through their small bankroll in just a couple of minutes!

This pressure to spend more just for enjoyment isn't healthy.

As if that wasn’t enough, casinos tend to listen to the whales more.

They focus on what their biggest spenders are doing and what they want, royally ignoring smaller stake gamblers.

This chase for big money from the whales leaves many casinos out of touch with what the majority of gamblers really want.

This is simply frustrating!

Q: Why Do the Small-but-Many Need to Rise?  

Siobhan Aslett: So, my argument is we need to phase out whales, and I have plenty of reasons for this.

Firstly, many, if not all, whales are likely problem gamblers.

While some may genuinely gamble away money they can afford to lose, it wouldn't be surprising if many of them have gambling issues.

I don’t know about you, but I'm not in favour of online casinos catering primarily to these players. It only worsens gambling problems, so the sooner we can eradicate the whales, the better.

Secondly, the rise of the small-but-many would encourage more casinos to offer lower betting limits.

This helps prevent overspending and potential gambling problems, allowing players to stretch their euros further.

This means gambling for a lot less money.

Since most people gamble for fun rather than profit, this shift would tremendously make the overall experience at casinos better.

Fortunately, many online casinos are beginning to adopt this approach more effectively. I’ll discuss this a bit later on.

For now, consider how bonuses at these casinos would change if they focused on the group of small-time gamblers. You wouldn't have to deposit large sums to get the most value!

I also believe that catering to the small-but-many group of gamblers would change the types of casino games available.

You’ll start seeing games with lower stakes, probably far fewer slot machines, and more traditional options like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

I'm aware many low-stakes players also enjoy slots, but I feel other casino games often get overlooked.

Give us players some variety!

Of course, this is only an assumption of how casinos would adapt if they focused on the smaller-stakes gamblers, but I feel it's pretty accurate.

My view comes from years of industry experience, observing how casinos change when they respond to different markets.

Q: What Do You Think Of the Casinos That Focus on Low-Rollers?

Siobhan Aslett: Some online casinos are doing a fantastic job of catering to the small-but-many group.

For instance, I've noticed a rise in minimum deposit casinos and those who listen to what lower-stakes gamblers want.

We're not quite where we need to be yet.

But I'm glad more casinos are realising they should shift focus to the majority of gamblers. I hope this trend continues.

If players keep signing up for these low minimum deposit casinos, it might prompt other casinos to follow suit.

It'll take time because casinos still love money. But it's a start nonetheless.

If you believe whales should be sidelined and the small-but-many players should thrive, do the world a favour and play at low minimum deposit casinos.

Gamble responsibly, and your actions could make a big difference.

Casinos will then see the value in low deposits and perhaps start going down that route, too. I promise, the whole gambling world will then be a happier place!

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