ecoPayz Transforms into Payz: Discover the Latest Updates

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Exciting news awaits as ecoPayz, the renowned global provider of digital payment solutions, unveils its rebranding on May 10, 2023.

Building on its impressive legacy of over twenty years, during which it earned the trust of fintech and iGaming communities, the company has now adopted a brand-new identity – Payz.

All minimum deposit casinos in Ireland that previously offered ecoPayz as a payment option will now prominently display ‘Payz' on their cashier page.

This rebranding signifies the first step towards establishing Payz as a prominent player in the dynamic world of payment services, offering a streamlined approach to online transactions.

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Growth as a Global E-Wallet

The payment system started as EcoCard in 2000. It later became ecoPayz, but always focused on providing great payment services.

Eventually, ecoPayz grew worldwide and became a trusted e-wallet, especially for online gambling. In 2021, the website as well as the mobile version got better and easier to use.

Now, in 2023, ecoPayz is rebranding with a new name and logo. These changes show ecoPayz's commitment to innovation and staying ahead.

Easy Payments Redefined

The name Payz holds great importance as it cleverly merges the concepts of ‘payment' and ‘ease,' encapsulating the idea of hassle-free transactions.

This name choice reflects the company's strong commitment to simplifying digital interactions for modern users, making payments a breeze.

The refreshed logo adds to the significance by visually representing a contemporary and sophisticated look, reinforcing the core values of the company.

Adapting to the Future

To keep up with the evolving digital payments landscape, ecoPayz has rebranded as Payz. This change reflects the company's commitment to staying relevant in the industry.

Payz aims to make money transfers simple and user-friendly. The new name and visual identity are designed to convey this message effectively.

While specific details are still forthcoming, Payz assures users that they will stick to their core values of simplicity, transparency, and a human touch.

This rebranding signifies a promising leap towards a future where digital payments effortlessly adapt to the changing demands of users worldwide.

Some Things Remain Unchanged

As already mentioned, ecoPayz now has a new name and even a new look. This means it has also got itself a new home on the web with a changed URL.

All this has zero effect on the way the company conducts business and processes international payments in more than 50 currencies. Your account and login details remain unchanged as well.

However, in the upcoming months, you can expect the new Payz to include more features, which could amp up your overall experience of performing monetary transactions online.

With the payment processor’s ‘one wallet, no limit’ motto, we’re expecting even smoother deposits and withdrawals at online casinos in the near future.

What Does the Future Hold?

The transformation of ecoPayz into Payz hasn’t brought about any significant change in its core operations. It’s just the same old payment processor with a new logo and name.

However, this rebranding could be the harbinger of upcoming updates that would make the payment solutions even simpler, smoother and more intuitive.

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