Tips for Picking the Best-Paying Online Slots

Best Paying Online Slots

Slots are a favourite at minimum deposit casinos, offering easy play and quick thrills. With thousands of options, a fresh reel adventure is always just a spin away.

But, how do you pick your next game?

The usual suspects are top developers and themes. Yet, a smarter strategy is to look for titles with generous payout models.

They offer reasonable odds of winning, a solid risk-reward ratio, and juicy, high-value cash prizes.

To land such slots, focus on:

  • High RTP
  • High max win potential
  • Great odds of triggering free spins

Let's explore these key features and discuss some of the best-paying slot games online.


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Slots With High RTP  

A slot's RTP (Return to Player percentage) shows the average amount the game pays back over time, indicating its payout potential.

RTPs vary from as low as 85% to as high as 99%, with the accepted average being 96%, paying out €96 on average for every €100 bet.

However, RTP is calculated over millions of spins. Your session of a few 100 spins will rarely, if ever, yield an exact return of the claimed percentage.

You may finish with a positive balance (RTP above 100%) or a negative balance (RTP below 100%).

Nonetheless, choosing a slot with a high RTP is a great way to maximize your chances of winning.

Here are 3 high RTP slots that are worth a spin:

  1. Book of 99 (Relax Gaming): a 5-reel slot with wilds, free spins, and one of the highest RTPs at 99%. That makes great odds of returning a positive balance.
  2. 1429 Unchartered Seas (Thunderkick): a simple 5-reel slot set on the backdrop of a dated nautical treasure map. The RTP in this game is 98.6%.
  3. Blood Suckers (NetEnt): a vampire-themed slot notorious for its 98% RTP and a high hit rate of 44.9%. Nearly half of all spins result in some form of winning payout.


The RTP is verified by 3rd party test houses to rule out rigging.

Slots With High Max Win Potential

A slot's maximum win potential indicates the highest payout possible in a single spin.

It is calculated as a multiple of your stake: 10,000x means a €1 stake can fetch you up to €10,000 in a single spin.

The odds of landing a payout this size are usually one in a million or more.

Nonetheless, it underscores the scale of payouts possible. Millions of spins each month mean the top prize is claimed more often than you might imagine.

In fact, over the past decade, the maximum win potential in slots has skyrocketed. Leading the pack is Tombstone RIP—Nolimit City’s Wild West thriller promising a stunning 300,000x your stake.

Has anyone ever won this? You bet! The game has a leaderboard, illustrating that at least 10 people have claimed this top prize.

Below, find details on this slot and two others boasting exceptionally high win potentials:

  1. Tombstone RIP (Nolimit City): a notoriously dark and edgy western game full of shooting and hangings and a 300,000x maximum win. The odds of hitting it are 1 in 130 million.
  2. Big Bamboo (Push Gaming): a relaxing panda-themed slot with multipliers galore and mystery prizes. It has a 50,000x top win with odds of 1 in 21 million.
  3. Dead or Alive 2 (NetEnt): a sequel to the insanely popular Dead or Alive slot. Its wild multiplier can send wins into orbit. The top win is 111,111x with odds of 142 million to 1.

Slots With Great Odds Of Triggering Free Spins

Triggering a slot's free spins round is more realistic than hitting its maximum win.

It usually happens every 100 to 200 spins—though the odds can vary.

A free spins round offers a set number of free plays, often boosted with extras like win multipliers and wild symbols that increase the payout potential.

Unlocking free spins typically requires landing a combination of special symbols on the reels, although many slots these days also have a bonus buy function.

Here are 3 slots with great odds of triggering free spins:

  1. Big Bass Floats My Boat (Pragmatic Play): joins the ever-growing series of fishing slots with easy cash-collect features. Landing money symbols and fishermen together awards wins. The odds of triggering the free spins round with up to 20 free plays are 1 in 135.
  2. Milky Ways (Nolimit City): a space-themed slot bursting with wilds and multipliers. You have a 1 in 66 chance of entering the free spins round, where you'll receive 3 free plays. The game area expands with two extra rows, boosting your winning odds.
  3. Ice Ice Yeti (Nolimit City): an ice-themed slot that dishes out free spins differently: you get 1 free spin every time a wild yeti lands. These ‘re-spins' unlock extra reel positions. The odds of triggering a free spin are just 1 in 16—the best chance to land free plays in any slot game we've played.


Playing slots with high RTP, substantial max win and favourable odds of triggering free spins can boost your odds of a profitable session.

Nonetheless, slots are games of chance—every spin is as random as the next. There is no surefire strategy to beat the house.

So, always play responsibly.

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