Best Games at Minimum Deposit Casinos and Their Minimum Bet Limits

Best minimum deposit casino games

The Irish online gambling industry is blooming with products to gamble on; new types of games and new releases are regularly being introduced. To attract and entertain players, online casinos where you can deposit small are of course home to many of these games. 

They range from slot machines to live dealer games, crash games, video pokers, shooter games, scratch cards, bingo games and keno. Even sports betting is available at some minimum deposit casinos which means that you can bet on champions league online and other popular sport events with just a small stake. 

However, all games come with a minimum bet limit which means that some types of games and some games within these categories are better suited for players who make small deposits. In this article, we’ll explore this more thoroughly and guide you to the best games to play at casinos with a low minimum deposit.  

Slot Machines

Play slots from 1 euro

Minimum bet limit: €0.01 – €0.25
Recommended slot: Book of Dead 

Arguably the most popular product at gambling sites, slot machines come in all imaginable variations. At some minimum deposit casinos such as 22Bet, more than 7,000 different ones can be enjoyed. They come with their own unique features, bonus games, reel designs, themes, jackpots and graphics. Some slots are basic while others are highly innovative. 

The minimum bet limit in slots normally ranges from €0.1 – €0.25. However, in certain slot machines that use paylines for winnings to form, you can change the number of paylines you want to have active in the game. This allows you to reduce the bet limit all the way down to €0.01. 

An example of such a game is the popular Book of Dead which is perfect for small stake players. By signing up for a low minimum deposit casino and making a minimum deposit of €1, you would be able to make 100 spins on the game. If you hit the bonus of the slot, you would receive 10 free spins and with 1 payline active, each of these free spins could pay up to 500 times the amount you bet.

Live Dealer Games

Play live dealer games from 1 euro

Minimum bet limit: €0.1 – €1
Recommended games: Mega Roulette and Crazy Time

Experienced over a video stream together with other players and game hosts that interact with you, live dealer games are another super popular product found at every minimum deposit casino. They consist of many different game types, including classic table games such as roulette and blackjack; innovative versions of these classics and unique money wheels and game shows. 

Below is a list of games you can play within the live dealer category along with their minimum bet limits:

  • Roulette (€0.1 – €1)
  • Blackjack (€1 – €10)
  • Baccarat (€0.2 – €1)
  • Craps (€0.5)
  • Dice Games (€0.2)
  • Poker Games (€0.5 – €1)
  • Lottery Games (€0.5 – €1)
  • Bingo Games (€0.1)
  • Money Wheels (€0.1)
  • Game Shows (€0.1 – €0.5)

You must know that there are many different platforms for live dealer games and that the games and minimum bet limits within these platforms will vary. The most popular platforms that you will find at online casinos where you can deposit small are provided by Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play and Playtech.

The two live dealer games that we recommend for low depositing players are Mega Roulette by Pragmatic Play and Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming; both of which support a minimum bet of €0.1. 

Mega Roulette is good for a high chance of profiting as you can bet on red or black for a close to 50% chance of winning. If you’re feeling lucky, you can also bet on a single number that has the potential to pay up to 500 times your bet amount.

Crazy Time is a fun-filled money wheel with four bonus games in it. This game is good if you’re feeling lucky and want to take a risk. By betting on the “Crazy Time” bonus position, you could win up to 20,000 times the amount you bet.  

Sports Betting

Sports Betting from 0.001 euros

Minimum bet limit: €0.001
Recommended sport: Any 

While it isn’t a casino game, the option of betting on sports is available at many minimum deposit casinos in Ireland and for small-stake gamblers, this is arguably the best gambling product. No matter the sport, bet limits are incredibly low and only the sky is the limit when it comes to potential winnings.

You can bet on the result of matches in over 20 different sports and place a bet as low as €0.001. Essentially, you could afford to place 1,000 bets with just a minimum deposit of €1.

For the uninitiated, betting on sports is easy. You select one or several matches you want to bet on and choose one or several markets for those matches. For instance, you can bet on the team that will win in two different matches, but you can also bet on such things as what the total score in the matches will be.

Each selection comes with an odd, which basically is a win multiplier that tells you how much you will win if your prediction is correct. Sports bets can be placed as singles where each match and market bet on has an individual stake and odd. However, they can also be placed as combinations where the odds are multiplied by each other. This is how you can win big. 

By combining different matches and markets, you could win 10,000 times the amount you bet or even more. However, with combination bets, all your predictions have to be correct in order to win, whereas single bets are treated individually. So, the more combinations you have, the harder it will be to win. 

Crash Games

Bet on crash games from a euro

Minimum bet limit: €0.1 – €1
Recommended game: Aviator 

Crash games are simple and fast-paced games where you place a bet and watch a win multiplier increase. This multiplier is often illustrated by an airplane taking off or similar.

The goal of the game is to secure a profit before the win multiplier (or airplane) randomly crashes. You can do this at any time. If you succeed, you win the amount you bet multiplied by the win multiplier and if the crash happens before you secure a profit, you lose your stake. 

While there are many different crash games to play, they are quite similar to each other. We recommend the Aviator as this is commonly available at minimum deposit casinos and comes with the lowest bet limit of €0.1. The game can pay over 1,000 times the amount you bet, but to win such an amount you would have to get really lucky and be quite the daredevil not to secure a profit earlier. 

Video Pokers

Low deposit video poker

Minimum bet limit: €0.05 – €0.3
Recommended game: Tens or Better

Like crash games, video pokers are fast-paced and quite simple games. They’re a combination of a slot machine and an old popular poker game known as 5-card-draw. On every game round, you receive 5 playing cards which include numbers 2 – 10, a jack, queen, king, and ace. You then get the option to replace any of these cards once before the winning results are determined.

To win, you have to make a certain poker hand such as a pair, two pair, trips, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush. Most online casinos with a low minimum deposit have several different variations of video pokers available where the rules and win conditions vary slightly. However, they are all basically the same.  

The minimum bet limit varies between €0.05 – €0.3 depending on the game, whereas the max win ranges from 250 – 800 times the amount you bet for hitting a royal flush.  

For small-stake gamblers, we recommend the game Tens or Better which is playable at 22Bet and PlayOJO among other minimum deposit casinos. This game has the lowest bet limit of €0.05 and a maximum win of 800x. In order to score a win, you need at least a pair of 10s or better, hence the name of the game. 

Shooter Games

play the shooter game star guardians for low deposit

Minimum bet limit: €0.01 – €1
Recommended game: World of Lord Witch King

Shooter games are a rare type of game that may be on the rise but currently are limited to a few casino sites with a low minimum deposit. These resemble video games where you control a character, airplane, or just a weapon to annihilate enemies on the screen. Destroying these enemies reward you with money and each shot fired also cost money.

There are different enemy types, some of which are more difficult to tackle but also reward you with more cash. To beat these enemies more efficiently, you can upgrade your weapons and get power-ups, which usually come at the cost of the stake for each fired shot being increased.

The minimum bet limit in these types of games ranges from €0.01 – €1 per shot fired. While the former seems like a small stake to bet, shots are fired very quickly. Thus, even if you make a minimum deposit of €1 and get 100 shots, chances are that you will run out of money just within seconds. 

The game we recommend is World of Lord Witch King which is a fantasy type of game that we find to be quite cool. However, if you are to explore these types of shooter games, we urge you to try different ones. We have found that the minimum bet limit tends to be €0.01 in most of them.


play bingo for minimum deposit

Minimum bet limit: €0.02 – €0.4
Recommended game: Mega Ball

Bingo games exist as virtual games where you play solo against a computer, live games where you play with a game host over a video stream, as well as competitive games where you compete for prizes against other players. The former two are the most common formats that you will find at minimum deposit casinos in Ireland. 

In bingo games, you purchase one or several bingo cards that have random numbers on them. They are often designed as a 5×5 square with 5 vertical rows and 5 horizontal ones. On each game round, a random set of numbers are called out and whenever these matches with your bingo cards, they are ticked off. 

The goal of the game is to match numbers in such a way that they form certain patterns on the bingo card, which most commonly include a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, as well as ticking off all the numbers on the card. 

Minimum bet limits can vary widely from one bingo game to another, where competitive ones can have the lowest limit of €0.02 and virtual ones have the highest of €0.4. For small depositors, our recommended bingo game is Mega Ball where the minimum bet limit is €0.1. This is a live dealer game found on the platform of Evolution Gaming.

There are three reasons why we recommend this game. First of all, we think it’s by far the most entertaining bingo game there is as it comes with innovative features that can boost winnings. Secondly, the minimum bet limit of €0.1 is quite low. Thirdly, it is possible to win up to 1 million times the amount you bet, which is more than any other casino game (except for progressive jackpot slots).


play keno from 1 euro

Minimum bet limit: €0.5 – €1
Recommended game: Win 5/80

Somewhat similar to bingo games, keno games are lottery games that can be played virtually against a computer or in a live environment where draws take place over a video stream. They come with various rules and potential winnings that vary. However, all in all, the basic gameplay is the same. 

Out of a pool of numbers, which may range from 1 – 35 or 1 – 80, you must select a certain number. For instance, five different ones. Numbers are then randomly drawn by a machine (if playing live over a video stream) or a random number generator (if playing virtually). 

While the number of numbers drawn will vary from one game to another, the goal is to match as many as possible of those you selected. The more numbers you match, the more you win. 

Minimum bet limits in Keno vary from €0.5 to €1 which makes them quite expensive for players who are looking to make minimum deposits at casino sites. By depositing €1, you would only be able to participate in two draws unless you get lucky and win. 

We recommend playing live-streamed keno games that are supplied by a provider known as Lotto Instant Win. While rare to find at online casinos that let you deposit small, 22Bet has them available. More specifically, we recommend the game that is called Win 5/80.

This game has the potential to pay 500,000 times the amount you bet, which is absolutely massive. Out of a pool of 80 numbers, you must select 1 – 15. You then have to match as many of these as possible via the first five numbers that are drawn in the game. Here’s what you’ll win: 

  • One match: 14x
  • Two matches: 200x
  • Three matches: 4,000x
  • Four matches: 100,000x
  • Five matches: 500,000x

Please be aware that in order for the bet limit to be as low as €0.5, you can only select a maximum of five numbers. 

Scratch Cards

scratch cards for low stake

Minimum bet limit: €0.1 – €3
Recommended game: Chaos Crew Scratch

Scratch cards are super simple games where the price of a card ranges from €0.1 – €3. Many of those found at minimum deposit casinos in Ireland consist of nine hidden positions that you must reveal by clicking on the card. Normally, you must match three identical symbols to receive a prize, whereas this prize is different for each symbol.

We recommend Chaos Crew Scratch as this is one of the cheapest scratch cards you can get at only €0.1. Thus, with a deposit of €1, you can get 10 scratchers, and the best part; each of these has the potential to pay as much as €10,000.

However, in general, we don’t recommend playing scratch cards at all as the return to player percentage (RTP) tends to be the lowest out of all casino games (as low as 50%). In other words, you are much more likely to lose money in scratch cards compared to other casino games that tend to have an RTP of 96%.

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