KYC at Minimum Deposit Casinos in Ireland: What to Expect

KYC casinos in Ireland

What is the process of KYC like at minimum deposit casinos in Ireland? Read this article till the end to understand the nitty-gritty.

What Really Is KYC?

The Definition

For the uninitiated, KYC is an abbreviation for ‘Know Your Customer.’ It is the process put in place by gambling businesses, including those targeting Irish punters to verify the identity of their players.

The Objective

The primary goal is to prevent the following:

  • Underage gambling
  • Financial fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Terrorist financing
  • Problem gambling
  • Bonus abuse
  • Any kind of illicit financial activities

This is done by ensuring that players are who they claim to be. KYC is a crucial component of regulatory compliance for such businesses. From an organizational standpoint, casinos are obliged to manage risks related to financial crimes and save themselves from potential legal ramifications.

The Triggers

Depending on the minimum deposit casino you choose, KYC may be triggered…

  • During or right after registration
  • Before or during your first deposit
  • During your first withdrawal
  • If you hit a certain withdrawal threshold
  • If you need to withdraw with a banking method different from the one you deposited with
  • If the casino detects unusual activity in your account (e.g. bonus abuse)
  • When requested by authorized third parties and regulatory authorities
  • Basically, at any moment the casino deems fit

The Process

The process of KYC can be automated or manual. We have explained both in detail.

Automated KYC

Also known as electronic verification, the process is done with the help of third parties. For automatic KYC verification to be successful, a casino must ask you to register with as much personal information as possible.

In general, you could be required to enter the following details when you sign up:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • Email
  • Country of residence

The identification information you enter will be matched with data stored in private and public databases such as the Electoral Registers and Central Credit Register in Ireland. If electronic verification fails, the casino will go on to manually verify you.

But even if the process is successful, the casino will ask for verification documents at a later point in time. Note that electronic verification might not be common in Irish online casinos with minimum deposits, but it is a thing in UKGC-licensed casinos.

Manual KYC

During the manual verification process, you will be required to provide various documents and information to prove your identity. Commonly, these documents may include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Proof of identity (e.g. government-issued IDs such as passport and driving licence)
  • Proof of address (e.g. utility bills for gas, water, and electricity)

Additionally, you may be asked to produce bank statements as proof of payment or proof of the source of funds, and even click a selfie or record a video as a photo ID. You may be asked to upload these documents on the casino’s website or email them.

By examining these documents and the information within them, concerned gambling businesses can assess the risk associated with a player and ensure that they comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) regulations.

The Timing

Depending on your minimum deposit casino website, the window for completing KYC checks could range from instantaneous to 48 hours or longer. If you are being electronically verified and it is successful, the process will get over instantaneously.

However, if you are asked to furnish verification documents, there will be a team of scrutinizers checking each document carefully. This will take a while, so don’t expect instant responses.

The Level of Scrutiny

The level of scrutiny and documentation required may vary depending on the regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions. With the high risks involved in online gambling, the process of KYC verification put in place by concerned businesses in Ireland is likely to be stringent.

The Importance of KYC

While the majority of players understand the need for KYC, some may feel surprised and even offended by the request. The general view is the process is inconvenient, time-consuming, and an intrusion of privacy, especially regarding the extent of personal information that needs to be shared online.

However, KYC is a regulatory requirement the casinos must fulfill; they don’t have much say over it. Also, in the end, it is for your own good as meeting such regulatory requirements ensures the casino you choose is not subjected to legal issues, which, in turn, protects your interests.

Keep in mind that the better a gambling operator understands your identity, source of funds, nature of transactions, and gambling habits, the more seamless your online gambling experience will become with them.

KYC At Irish Online Casinos With Low Minimum Deposit Requirements

The mandate for KYC is true for minimum deposit casinos licensed in Ireland as well as casinos licensed elsewhere. However, the process may vary from one casino to the next based on the type of license held.

We are yet to know the exact process that would be put in place by the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland (GRAI), the proposed licensor regulator of the country’s gambling industry.

We’re hoping it would be something solid similar to that of the UK Gambling Commission’s or MGA’s. It could even adopt Sweden’s concept of BankID casinos where verification is easy, quick, and secure.

Meanwhile, Irish players can currently gamble at offshore online minimum deposit casinos without breaking any law. It’s a situation similar to Sweden where players can gamble online at casinos without a Swedish license (find the list of the top Casino utan BankID at Passagen).

Most of these offshore casinos that accept Irish players are licensed by various foreign regulators such as Curacao eGaming and Antillephone N.V. But regardless of their license, all of them will have some process or the other for KYC verification.

Now, online casinos licensed in Curacao are not handed any specific rulebook for account verification. The exact process is unknown, but KYC is obligatory. So, each operator has its own process in place to ensure that a player’s identity can be verified.

Here are some examples of the KYC process at popular minimum deposit casinos in Ireland:

KYC at Vavada Casino

Vavada, an Antillephone N.V.-licensed minimum deposit casino, wouldn’t ask for KYC verification right away. You would be able to register and get started with just your email or phone number.

The operator has clearly stated on their website that they may request verification only if they suspect violations of terms and conditions. For instance, if they have reasons to believe there has been bonus abuse in your player account (intentional or unintentional), they will ask you to undergo KYC verification.

However, we are certain that KYC can and will be requested at any time, especially on your first withdrawal or when your withdrawal exceeds the casino’s threshold amount. This is part of Vavada’s enhanced customer due diligence policy and AML obligations.

We are sure about this because when you accept the casino’s terms and conditions (which you must do to register), you make yourself liable to authorize them to perform periodic checks for verification. This request can be at their sole discretion or upon request of third parties, including regulatory authorities in Ireland.

As part of the KYC process, you would then be required to furnish the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport or any government-issued ID card as proof of identity
  • Copy of a utility bill (except mobile phone bill) or bank statement as proof of address

Additionally, Vavada may also request identification via video. If any form of violation of policy is confirmed, the casino has the right to suspend your account.

KYC at SpinBetter Casino

With a Curacao eGaming license, SpinBetter Casino says it will inform you right at registration that online verification tools will be used. We are assuming this could be an electronic verification although the casino’s registration form doesn’t need you to enter your name and address right off the bat.

Nevertheless, if this verification isn’t found satisfactory, SpinBetter will further ask for ID and address verification documents. The casino has even prepared a list of documents to be requested, which includes the following:

Proof of identity:

  • Driving license
  • Official identity card
  • Travel documents or passport
  • Any other document designated by the Ministry of Finance of Curacao.

Proof of address:

  • Utility bill not older than 3 months
  • Recent account statement
  • Reference letter issued by a credit institution/financial institution
  • Correspondence from a central or local government authority, department, or agency
  • Any other documents issued by an independent agency

SpinBetter’s verification process also involves mandatorily verifying your phone number. Additionally, the casino reserves the right to request additional documentation as and when required, including proof of funds.

You will surely trigger KYC verification at SpinBetter upon reaching the casino’s deposit and withdrawal thresholds or if your account shows suspicious or fraudulent activity.

The casino also mentions KYC if it is not sure about the legality of the winning credited to you, which means verification will definitely be requested on your first withdrawal. A selfie with your ID may as well be requested to ensure that the documents you have furnished belong to no one but you.

Then again, if you request to cash out via a payment method you never deposited with, SpinBetter will ask for additional information. Extensive scrutiny will be exercised if you happen to be gambling from a high-risk jurisdiction in Ireland.

KYC at 22Bet Casino

Holding licenses from the Government of Curacao as well as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, 22Bet Casino is one of the best low deposit casinos for Irish online punters. The site has a pretty straightforward KYC procedure in place.

The list of required verification documents includes the following:

  • Photo of an identity document
  • Photo or screenshot of the payment system
  • Photo or screenshot of address proof (not older than 3 months)
  • Proof of wealth (additional request)
  • Proof of funds (additional request)

You will trigger KYC on 22Bet when you reach the casino’s deposit and withdrawal thresholds. Additionally, the casino might ask you for verification if they suspect unusual or fraudulent activity in your account or breach of terms.

The proof of identity you submit should have the following information:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Date of birth
  • Citizenship

The document must be valid and the aforementioned information must match the data on your player profile. A selfie may be additionally requested to make sure you are the owner of the submitted documents.

The casino may even ask you to furnish proof of wealth and proof of funds to ensure you are playing with your own funds. Upon registering with 22Bet, you will be able to access a ‘Document’ tab on your player profile. All your verification documents should be uploaded to it.

Unlike Vavada Casino, 22Bet accepts payment for mobile services as valid proof of address. However, it has an unusual request when it comes to photo identification with selfies: the visibility of your hands.


So you see, the process of KYC at minimum deposit Irish casinos is more or less the same with subtle differences. The crux of the matter is that you must furnish proof of identity and address as and when warranted.


Can I withdraw during KYC?

During such verifications, the casino typically restricts withdrawals from your account. Pending withdrawal requests are processed only after the KYC verification is complete.

What happens to my funds if KYC fails?

If KYC fails, the funds in your account remain, but the account itself may be frozen or suspended with immediate effect. Additionally, the casino might contact the anti-fraud department to inform them about your funds. Needless to say, hassles and requests for explanations will follow.

Can I bypass KYC verification?

There is no way to bypass KYC verification in Irish casinos with minimum deposit requirements. If it’s been triggered, you need to complete it or face the consequences.

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